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  OK, here's my strategy for all the ships, one thing you have to know is that all my advice is under the USD annihilation, all of my advice is probably (and most likely) useless in another zone, such as DBZ or TW. I only play USD, and that is only zone I can offer advice on; if you have any advice or have a question not covered about USD playing, e-mail me at DarkeFire1@home.com.

Warbird Strategy: This is a good ship for newbeys to the USD, but with practice and refining accuracy and movement, you can become superior in this ship. The main feature of this ship is its rapid fire (but weak) bombs. It will fire red bombs one after the other, and if you can hit someone with every bomb in the stream, they don't have a chance. This ships usually only used to train newbeys, but also can be quite powerful,
it all depends on how much practice with it and the type of fighter you are.

Javelin Strategy: This ship is the fastest ship, and the only weapon you want to use on it
is their level 2 (yellow) bombs, which fire semi fast, and don't drain your energy that quickly. The main thing you want to do is have maneuverability and accuracy, in that order. This isn't the best ship, but also isn't the worst. Again, it depends if you are a speed, blitz attack type person or a stealth, appear behind the person and kill them type person.

Spider Strategy: This is your only cloaker. With level 3 shots (Blue), all you have to do is put up complete cloak and sneak up behind someone and let loose, rip them a new one (as soon as you fire, you lose invisibility, there's two levels of cloaking, one will make you disappear from radar, and one will make you disappear completely, I've killed cloakers because I was able to see them on radar). Remember, you can get shot, and there is X radar which will make you show up on radar. Be sure they can't
see you before you go in.

Leviathan Strategy: This is your average heavy bomber. The Leviathan will rapidly shoot (or more like drop, you'll see when you use it) level 3 bombs, which will drift in a way into your opponent. The best thing you could do with this ship is rush towards your opponent and constantly fire bombs, they will collide with them and if your moving fast enough, they really don't get much of a chance. This isn't a real great ship, but it isn't the worst either. You want to be pretty good at moving around and rush bombing for
this ship, get the movement down, and your good to go.

Terrier Strategy: One of my favorite ships, a true work of art. The Terrier, like all the ships, has two modes of fire (and no bombs), one mode will allow you to fire 2 straight lines of bullets ahead of you, and another will spread 4 lines of bullets across the screen, both very useful. When you're fighting an enemy that's on the screen, you use the twin lines of fire to rip your enemy's apart, and when an accurate shot is harder because their farther away, you just switch to the other mode of fire. It may feel weird at first, but switching modes of fire back and forth is the best way to do it. Also, this ship has bouncing bullets, so you can bank shots off of walls and kill someone, without putting yourself in danger. One of my favorites, this ship is worth a try.

Weasel Strategy: The Weasel is an odd ship; it fires level 2 EMP bombs (after getting hit with an EMP bomb, the ship will not be able to regain health for a short while) at a semi fast speed. Not much to this ship, retreat and fire with accuracy are the only two things I can say about this ship. Not a bad ship, just pretty average.

Lancaster Strategy: If I had to take one ship out of the USD, I'd take away this one. The Lancaster fires level 3 bombs, which kill in one too two hits, but fires very slowly. If you're accurate or lucky it doesn't matter with this ship, but if you're into the one hit snipe kill, this
is you ship.

Shark Strategy: Not too sure about this ship, if anyone has any tips on the Shark e-mail them to me.