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Alpha Team
Book 2  

The Search for Perfection 2.5

Chapter one: The Gogan Fortress

     Hi, My name is Xaviar, and your life is about to change. Let me explain the situation at hand. I'm hiding behind a box trying not to get shot. Strange you say? You got it. "Incarno! Look out!" I shouted to my friend, coworker, fellow warrior or what ever you want to call him. Incarno jumped back as a bullet flew past his head. I spoke into my communicator that was mounted on my helmet "Does anyone have any pulse charges left?" Thryfer replied to my question "One" I said "Well, there's about 40 Gogans right between the two cylinders, aim for the center, try and take out as many as possible, then we run for better cover and a good reload spot" Thryfer aimed, and then threw it. The Pulse charge hit the ground in a flash of a bluish blaze, taking out most of the Gogans, and much to our luck and my surprise, the arch killed the rest of the Gogan's. "Well, I guess Lord Gogan will be meeting us sooner than expected" I chuckled, high on adrenaline, still amazed that we are still alive. Thryfer, Incarno, Clance and I ran for the stairway upstairs to the Gogan lords Quarters and his base of operations. As we ran past, I looked up at the giant hole we made in the wall, and grabbed one of the guns from the fallen warriors we killed with the arch. When we got up the staircase there was a large purple door with gold lining, in which Incarno made short work of. We burst into the room, seeing the giant slug in the corner, crying and pleading for his life. I yelled "hey, Lord Gogan, you don't seem as bad now as you did when you told us that you were gonna rip off our heads one at a time" "Don'tah hurtah meia! Isah just  takeing ordersah! Dontah killa meia!" I looked over and saw several humans in cages, I looked over to Incarno, Thryfer and Clance "Incarno, Thryfer and Clance, go free the prisoners from the cages, I'll take care of lord crap for brains over here. Short work" I walked over to the vile, slimy, grayish creature, put my gun in its face and said " You have two second to tell me who you work for before I blow your brains out" "Butah, meah don'tah knowah" Lord Gogan stuttered "two" "butah!" 'One!" "HE NEVER TOLD ME HIS NAME!" he yelled then cringed up. "Well, guess I don't need you then". I felt kinda sorry for the slug, I don't remember if it was before or after I blew his brains out.
     As the gang and I started walking back to our space ship, an old green man ran up to me and touched my shoulder, and said "ofka na nee boo na boah" "Yah!" I yelled as I pulled out my gun and aimed it at the old man, but like that, he was gone, not a trace, teleported I guess. "Clance, did you get a reading on what he said?" I asked "Well, actually, I did get it into my translator, but I'll have to put into my computer and figure it out because it is to foreign, my translator can't do it that quickly, also, I think he had an accent, which makes it all the worse". "Oh well" I groaned the adrenaline has run out of my system and I am becoming tired. We all loaded into the ship one by one, I put my foot on the foothold, and then I pushed off and did 5 front somersaults into our mini ship. "Whoa, that's new" and I disregarded it and set the auto pilot for our ship, then I went into the back to my quarters and fell asleep as I hit the bed.

Chapter 2: The Alpha Team

     I woke up in about an hour from our initial take off. We were going slowly because we needed stealth and we were flying below the atmosphere. I got up and I saw Clance at the computer, working on the translation. Clance is the computer person in the group. He rarely goes on the mission unless its really dangerous or we need an extra gun, any thin else we can do via transmitter. "So Clance, have you gotten any where yet" I asked "well" he said "I've got a rough translation of a few words, but nothing much" he said sadly. "Well, maybe you'll get it soon, we still have about an hour to go". Heard someone stirring around behind me, and I quickly grabbed my gun that I had in my ankle holster. Turns out it was just Thryfer. Thryfer is our bomb/weapon expert. On missions he's usually a walking arsenal. "What's up?" he mumbled as he took the seat next to me "Clance is trying to translate that code" just then Incarno walked in. "I'm always the last one" he said as he entered the bridge. Incarno is our crazy-go-ballistic-on- every-single-enemy-in-the-room-with-an-assault-rifle type, but we've managed to curve his anger a little. Incarno is kinda the guy that you label trouble from the beginning, but when you know him, he says some really smart or insightful stuff and surprises us. He has been known how to get past heavy defenses and usually figures out the weakness to a new insect warrior or shielded human. "Hey Clance, why don't you run the binary de-frag in junction with that and use the graph technique?" Clance's eyes open up and he starts typing madly on his keyboard. See what I mean about Incarno? "Man, I got the munchies!" "There's still half a pizza in the food quarters, and there's some special sauce in my quarters that I made, help you self" said Thryfer Incarno half scurries half jogs down the hall and around the corner.
     "So Clance, have you gotten any more yet?" I asked "No, not really, but Incarno's suggestion really helped, should take half the time" Clance then took out his palm computer and plugged it into his computer. The 3d graph looked like it was sucked into the palm computer. "I'll let this run for the duration, I'll check back in a week," Clance informed me "A WEEK?!?! WHY IS IT GOING TO TAKE A WEEK?!?!" I yelled "Calm down, its a complicated process" Thryfer was working on a piece of medal and a piece of machinery. "What cha doin, Thry?" I asked "I'm trying to get a...electric charge to go trough the...blade of my scythe when I...........touch this............button" Thryfer said choppily, working on his scythe. Just then the Vid Com light flashed red (Vid Com is a Video Communication system, like talking trough the TV) I pressed the button, and Yohan, leader of the Beta team was there. "We need your help team Alpha!" Yohan yelled, "What's up?" I asked "Were holding a line of attackers away from a village on Remcor" he informed me "on it Yohan, hold them off for another hour max" and the screen went blank. Clance took the helm " To Remcor Clance!" and he set coarse and punched us into hyper drive as soon as we got out of the atmosphere. There was a slight jolt, but then the compensatory kicked in. Thryfer was ready, he pushed a button on his football player like armor, and more powerful, metal armor looked like scaled clanking into place. I ran back to my quarters, got my gun for my ankle holster, my multi shotgun, and my sword, and some other goodies, and then ran back onto the bridge. Incarno walked in, looked around with a half eaten slice of pizza in his hand and sauce dripping from the side of his mouth and said "Man, I'm always the last to know!"

Chapter 3: Remcor

     We arrived at Remcor about 30 minuets later, and loaded off the ship, except for Clance, who got in his specially made Exo skeleton suit, which was jungle camouflage, and much faster than us. It also had 4 hyper lasers and 2 mini homing missile guns, which had a 50-missile max. The suit makes mini homing missiles, so you can never really run out, but it takes about 5 minutes to make 2, so if you run out of missiles, you have to rely on lasers, which are less powerful but almost infinite. We ran as fast as we could to the battle zone, but Clance could go double the speed as us, so he made it there before us. I turned on my communicator. "Clance, what's your position?" I asked "Well, I'm on the front line, but were still losing, there's too many attack androids, and the beta team is wounded" Clance answered "We need you here, now!" "Were in a 3 minute range". When we got there, the battle was dangerously close to the village. Screams could be heard 100 yards from the battlefield. I ran to Yohan "Where do we start?" I wheezed "Get on the front lines, try to knock out the heavily armored turrets and missile launchers. If we lose any more men were risking a charge, and the village will be lost".
     I jumped behind the barricade and loaded my auto laser cannon and started firing at the other barricade. I looked over at Clance and I saw him bouncing around, dodging missiles while shooting his own at the missile launchers. "Hey guys, take out some projectile explosive and aim for the turrets or the missile launchers, lock on, let's start left to right. The Turrets have the highest body count, so be accurate" I ordered "will my Plasma Fist work?" Thryfer asked "sure, just aim for the base, knock it over" "Roger". We all aimed at the first turret and took it out in a matter of seconds. "AAAHHHH!!, I'M HIT!!" Clance yelled in pain "GET OUT OF HERE, HAVE YOHAN PATCH YOU UP!" Clance hobbled away with his left laser on fire and sparks flying away from his whole suit. "That's it" Incarno said as he powered up his Hyper Pulse X Beam Launcher (or more commonly referred to as the HPX) and tore up the horizon. "I've been powering up this baby since the Gogan fortress battle" Incarno said with a smile, the he fired another highly concentrated beam at the horizon; witch easily has a radius of 11 feet. The army was half defeated just from Incarno's gun, but we still had not won.
     For you see, most of the army hit the deck when they saw and heard the beam coming, but we were able to take out the turrets and missile launchers. The enemy forces got too anxious, and decided to best thing to do would be to charge. Little did they know how much this would hurt us. We were dangerously low on men. They had double the men and equal firepower. I had to do something, but I didn't know what. "Guys, stay here and hold off the forces, kill all people who try to advance immediately" I ordered "Roger" the men replied.
     I ran back to the village where Yohan was trying to fix Clance's suit while Clance was on a stretcher. "Yohan, take Clance back to the ship and get him into the rejuvenator system, I'll fix the suit and take it into battle, we need it. Go Yohan" Yohan transformed the stretcher with a push of a to a hover bed and sent it off to the ship. "He'll be OK, by the time the hover bed gets there, he'll be able to walk". We both worked like mad to fix the Exo skeleton before the other side got the upper hand. There was hole trough the mid section and the right arm was cut of from all power. I made the analysis that he was shot with a small high-powered weapon trough the mid section and fell onto a rock, which pierced the electrical cords reaching the right arm, and most likely Clance's shoulder. I worked on re armoring the mid section and running the electric trough the back. I finished the electric first, and then I put temp metal plates on the insides. The metal will only reduce damage by 25%, but it's better than looking open to attacks and giving the enemy a target. Now, I'm ready to return to battle.

Chapter 4: Back to the War Zone

     I ran as fast as the Exo suit would allow me, which never seemed to be fast enough, men were dying, and I wasn't there to help. As I got closer, I could hear the screams of the people, crying for help, and the sound as bullets and lasers being fired through the air. When I finally got there, Thryfer was bleeding profusely from a gunshot wound on his leg. You could see the red blood seeping trough his pants and leaking trough his fingers like a faucet. He was sitting with his back to the barricade and his head back, his eyes were closed tightly, but you could still see he was in great pain, but a member of the alpha team can take more than a normal man, or even more than a member of the galactic police, we are the best, period. We have about 50 men left on our barricade if we were lucky against at least 75 men, 35 Inscetoid droids and about 5 overlords on the other side. The overlords were like giants, in the toughest armor, with the biggest weapon, a deadly combination. We didn't have a chance. "HEY! Sergeant! Take this solder back to my ship and get him in the sick quarters, NOW!" As Thryfer was dragged off, he threw me a power cell; I nodded and connected to my right arm laser and let the power serge trough my exo suit.  
     Incarno was franticly using every weapon on him. First the Plasma Ray, then his laser shotgun/shuriken combo then when his rocket supply rejuvenated he used them in an insane flash of light and medal. I started using my homing missiles on the remaining overlords, trying the best I could to take the rest of them out. I rested for a minute then I stood up and fired a stream of Homing missile, which were mounted on my shoulder, my arm lasers, which were mounted on my forearm (where the shield used to be) and my hand beams, which fired, well out of my hands. While this took out a lot of droids and humans, the overlords were still to heavily armored to die from my onslaught. It seamed that the best I could do is knock the overlords over and kill some other enemies in the process. I fired another triple attack and knocked over an overlord, who struggled back to his feet, seemingly unhurt. I looked down at my power gauge and I saw that this attack was taking a lot out of my suit, and not to mention me. I sat with my back toward the barricade and let the suit recharge a little. I stood up and used my attack to grease the horizon, still not getting much of anything done. Just then I saw several troops throw sand bags over their barricade, making another wall.
     "What are they doing Xaviar?" Incarno asked. I surveyed the situation and then it hit me, they were making a new barricade, moving closer, and eventually charging, "Do you have any remote grenades? Plasma charges, discriminative mines?" I asked " Yea, a little left from column A, a little left from column B, you want them?" he replied "yea, it's now or never" I told him. He handed me his explosives. I sucked in all the strength and courage I could get then I jumped over the barricade. I started running and I got hit a couple of times and I feel before I even made 20 yards. When I hit the ground, something clicked inside of me. I jumped up laid all the mines in front of the new barricade and ran back in a matter of seconds. "This war is going to be over very soon, and it's not gonna be pretty"

Chapter 5: The Solution

     I watched as the army threw more sand bags over their barricade. The new wall was right over my line of remote explosives (about 100 yards away). "Attention all men, hold your fire and charge up you strongest weapon, you'll know when to fire". I watched as the enemy's crouched close to their new barricade. I pushed the trigger. A blue and reddish blaze engulfed all of the soldiers crouching near the barricade. Their defense was down. They had no protection. Half the warriors were killed in the explosion. All there was between us was our protection and about 100 yards. Every man on the line fired. The remaining soldier tried to charge but their bodies were being torn apart by lasers and bullets, some having their shoulders jerk back and forth as they took their last step, some flying back to their demise and some falling flat out dead, some even having a limb ripped off before falling. The bottom line, they were dead. Every last enemy on the field was killed by either Incarno's rockets, our soldier bullets and laser, or my deadly combo of all three. I walked out into the field and made sure they were all dead. I spat on a close to dead overlord and said "this is for me, my two friends you injured, all the solders in the galactic police you killed and wounded, and for all the local tribe members you would of killed. I despise you." I hissed then I crushed his exposed head in a splatter of bluish red blood.
     I ran back to the village the best that I could. When I got there I got out of the Exo suit, and hit the ground. The suit was really beat up. It will take at least a month to fix it, if Clance worked nonstop. As for my self, I was beat up too. If it wasn't for the suit, I would of been dead as soon as I jumped the barrier. I rested on the ground for a minute, and then I got up, stole someone's hover motorcycle, and headed back to the ship. I didn't even get off the bike to get to the med. room, I got on my knees and squeezed trough. When I got to the med. room, I called back to the war zone trough my communicator. "Hey, Thryfer, are you OK?" I asked "yea, my legs patched up and I'm talking to Incarno" he answered "Cool, I'm really beat up, I need to get in the rejuvenator, I'd like it if you guys were here to help plan when Clance and I get out" I said "Will do" Thryfer agreed. I put a patch over most of my bullet holes, striped out of my armor and took one last look at Clance floating in the artificial salve (a curative fluid), then I got in, hooked up the air tube elastic around my ears and the metal air tube over my mouth and nose, closed the door, and turned it on. The tank filled up with the liquid and I fell asleep.

Chapter 6: Advanced Civilizations

         I woke up to the calm voice of the rejuvenator "Salve draining. Procedure finished". I got out, greeted the rest of the guys, then I went to my Quarters. I took off all of my bandages revealing little on no scar. "Another battle, another scar," I said to my self as I got into my civilian clothes. It was just dress pants and a shirt with the Alpha team insignia on it. I walked back into the med. room and Incarno got up to meet me. "Thryfer and I are going to hop in the Rejuvenators, I want some minor cuts and scratches off my body" Incarno said "And I want my leg to heal up better," Thryfer added." Well, I'm going to the village, see what I can learn and if there's and technology I can get" I told them "Hey Xaviar" Clance spoke "Can you try to get an AI chip or a plasma translator while your there, they are the last parts I need to complete this robot". Next to Clance there was a yellow robot with blue and red wires hanging, looping from joint to joint. "I'll see what I can get," I said as Incarno got in the regulator and I left the ship.
     I walked to the village and was greeted by a village boy (all italics are translation) "Nea no cl no gu no(The chief would like to see you)" then he ran into a near by hut, so I followed him in. The robots in the room bowed on one nee as a walked up to the chief."Na Basahar! no bu ne yane do basha no who? (Hello friend! Thank you for saving my people! Is there anything you need?)" "I would like any technology, weapons or wisdom you have to offer (nana na thonto oobay nade ive)" I asked the chief of the tribal "Glearg! (Oh, wise one, we have a little bit from column A, a little bit from column B, but none from column C, HA HA HA!). I threw him a translator "Put this around your neck (oopay issday rrtini)". The chief put the auto translator around his neck "now recite your alphabet" I said. As the chief recited the alphabet, Incarno, Thryfer and Clance walked in, Clance with a robot under his arm. Clance put his robot in the corner and walked over to me "hey, have you gotten anything yet?" he asked "no, but I got him to put on the translator. You can go get some of the tribal to work on that robot for you, or with you" I suggested "Yea, I'll get going" he picked up his robot and walked out the hut. "You guys could go find some weapons if you want, or upgrade you old ones" I offered to Thryfer and Incarno "sure, let's go Thry" then Thryfer and Incarno left. The chief was almost done reciting his alphabet and the light on the communicator went from orange to green (red means no translation possible, yellow means language recognized, minimal translation, and green means full translation) "what would you like first? Wisdom, technology or weapons?" the chief asked "well, lets do wisdom" I replied "well, if you go to a volcano on this planet in full armor, the volcanic ash will upgrade your armor" he said to me, then motioned for me to come closer "give me your hand, child" I put my hand between the chiefs large green hands.  He then enclosed my between his "My child, you gave great power! I shall now awaken your true power" My body started to glow blue, and I felt tingly all over, like all my senses were stimulated and upgraded at once. But then it went away "Wow, how did you do that, no, what did you do?" I asked the chief, dumbfounded "Child, you have great strength originally, you have had 2 strength boosts now including my strength boost" the chief replied. "What? I've only had yours so far" I told the chief "My child, you must go now. Come back when you figure it out, I will teach you" He threw me his translator "I will be back!" I ran out of the hut as Thryfer, Incarno and Clance was running toward me "We have to run back to the ship!" I yelled to them and started running towards the ship. They were already running towards the ship so they were a couple feet behind me. "Get in full battle gear and head for the volcano on the horizon" I yelled back to them, I could tell them the details when they got their helmets on, the communicators will be open.
     I ran for about 3 minutes when I saw our ship on the horizon. I thought back to my training and thanked the trainers for making me run 100 miles a day at top speed, a 3 minute run at top speed is like a walk in the park now.  When I finally got to the ship, I put my key card in the slot next to the door and proceeded to my quarters. I took off my civilian clothes and put on my full Alpha team armor, my AR shields and my pylon boots. I ran out of my quarters and say the jet bike in the med. room, so I said I'd be stupid not to take it out. Instead of riding it out like I did in, I thought I would walk it out, so I wouldn't cause any more damage. As I walked out, I saw the guys running in "hurry up guys, we have other things to do" I said is as I ran past them in the hall way "Roger" all three of them said in unison. When I got outside, I got on the bike and headed for the volcano. When I hit 100 miles per hour, I heard a loud pop and smoke coming out of the front. I realized how bad the jet bike was beat up; I changed coarse and headed towards the village. Halfway there I heard "Beep, Clance online". As I got almost to the village I heard "Beep, Incarno online" and "Beep, Thryfer online". I got to the village and zoomed up to Yohan "Give me the fastest bike you can" I said "Go to the villages west most area, all our bikes are there, you want a red one, help yourself" he replied, a little distracted. When I got there, I got on a red bike and I programmed the other 3 red bikes to home in on the other guys com systems. "Guys, I'm sending some bikes over, head toward the Volcano. When you get there, I'll tell you more" I started the bike and pulled out of the lot. In no time at all, I was half way there. This bike could reach speeds of 1500 miles per hour and could get there in 8.5 seconds, so do the math, 1500 miles per hour and accelerating to that speed in 9 second. "YEAH!" I yelled as the jet bike screamed towards the volcano at 1000 miles per hour, I then decided to not waste time, and fully turned the throttle. The engine screamed, the desert sand parted forty feet in front of me, and the walls of sand wet from 4 feet tall to 20 feet tall. The whole bike started shaking. A red button appeared, I said to my "well, nothing bad could come of that" and I pressed the flashing red button and I looked down at the digital speedometer as it flashed 2000, a metal cylinder protruded from the back and started glowing.
     A blue spiky flame with a white outside exploded out of the back of the bike. It was insane. "AHHHH!" 4000 miles per hour "AHHHHHH!!!!!!" 7000 miles per hour "AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!" flashed on the speedometer 10000 miles per hour. "THIS IS INSANE!!" I yelled, the sand waves had been multiplied by 10. Now all the sand in the area is being blown away from me 35 feet in every direction easily. The volcano went from and inch to 40 feet in a second. In another second I was there. I pulled back on the throttle and the blue flame got smaller, and then went away. The speedometer read 2000 MPH and then the cylinder went away and I was at the base of the volcano. I turned the speedometer all the way back and came to a stop.
     "Whoa" I commented, as I got off the bike, still a little dizzy from the incredible speed of the metal cylinder and the blue flame. I started up the volcano but stumbled back down after a few steps. I sat down and got myself together." OK Xaviar, breathe deeply, let's get it together now, OK, lets go" I said, talking myself to my feet. I started up the volcano again. About half way there it got easy. The rock became rigid, so it was very easy to grip. I got in range of my extendo cord and I shot it though the very top of the volcano, a foot from the opening at the top. I pushed off the volcano and retracted the cord. I flew up the side of the mountain till I got to the top. I looked down in to the inactive volcano. The black ash was like the darkest black of space. I took out the extendo cord bit and retracted it, and I slowly slid into the volcano. The inside was still hot even though the volcano was in active. I took one hand off the rope, and touched the button on my helmet that made a metal sheet cross my face protecting my face from bullets, lasers and any irritant. Also an eye protector came across my face protecting my eyes and giving me read outs.
Current readouts:
Temperature: 100 Degrees Fahrenheit
Body status: Above normal human capabilities
Area: Volcano (21245,59354) UPS (Universal Positioning System)
Danger: Low
Materials around: 1 close organic material, 3 close organic materials enclosing at 2000 miles per hour.

Chapter 7: The Volcano
     I lowered myself a little at a time. The temperature was rising fast and it would take my body a while to take it, and don't think my armor was any help either. It's not that my suit didn't have climate control, but you try jumping into a volcano. My feet finally touched the lava and the volcanic ash. I let my cord unwind until I hit the bottom. The visor lit up. The temperature rose, but it also noted how the armor's protection power was rising. I waited until the armor's protection power didn't move for a while, then I hit the retract button on my extendo cord. The cord strained to pull me out of the lava, but when I got out, I flew to the top. When the top was close, I let the cord out a little bit. I overshot the top and closed the spikes on the tip of the extendo cord, letting it back into my suit. I flipped upside down over the rim of the volcano and flew a little while till I hit the ground. I started to shake off the black ash on my armor. Just then, the guys showed up. "Wow, not bad. What was that? Like 2000 MPH, Kickin" Incarno commented, "That was nothin, I got up to 10,000 MPH" I remarked "WHAT?!?" they said in unison "I'll show you later" I said. I just got off all the black ash and my armor was shining. "Well, your turn guys" Incarno aimed his extendo cord at the top of the mountain. I shot mine up as well, Clance and Thryfer didn't have an extendo cord, and so both Incarno and I will carry Thryfer and Clance up. I grabbed Clance and I put him over my shoulder "Hold on!" I yelled as I jumped of the ground and retracted my extendo cord.
     I was pulled down by the weight of Clance, so I ended running up most of the mountain, well, half running, and half stumbling. When I got to the top, I told Clance to bring up his face mask "OK, give me a minute" he said. I saw the metal sheet go across his face and his visor cross his eyes. I did the same and said trough my communicator "Hold on!" I jumped all the way down and I stopped a foot above the lava, and dropped Clance in. "HEY!" Clance yelled "Don't worry, Incarno will get you out" I said, and then I flew out of the volcano. I lowered my face shield, and got on the bike. "I'm going back to the village for weapons, be back soon" I said trough my communicator.
     I revved up the bike and started moving. Once again, when I got to 2000-Miles Per Hour again, I braced myself and hit the flashing red button. I flew back to the village at break neck speed one again, and almost missed it. I leaned until I was parallel with the ground and finally stopped. I walked up to the chief again and threw him the translator. I looked him in his red eyes and said, "What do you have for weapons?" "Well, we have an elemental gun" he replied. A small tribe member brought out a gun, half the size of him, and handed it to me. "How's it work?" I asked "This gun creates a horizontal tornado" the chief replied "and it takes form the elements around, if you don't adjust the dial, it will take from the air around to make a more powerful tornado, if you set it to fire, the tornado will find a volcano or something that is on fire and make a fire tornado, if you set it to water, it will make a water tornado, etc." "OK, well, gotta run, Bye!" the chief threw me back my communicator and I ran out the hut.

Chapter 8: Departure

     I jetted back over to the volcano, just to watch the guys sweep off the black ash, reveling shining gray armor. "OK guys, it's been fun here but we gotta go, I'll show you guys how to turbo up these jet bikes. Yohan doesn't know it yet, but I'm keepin this baby" I said "Yea, same here, being on the Alpha team has some perks" Clance chuckled "well, let's ride!" I revved up my bike and zoomed off. When I hit 2000 miles per hour I called back to my teammates "OK guys, max out your throttle first" I heard Clance, Incarno and Thryfer catch up with me slightly and I did like wise. "OK, bring your face guard across. Wait till you see a red button, the hit it, crouch down and hold on" I said trough my communicator back to the guys. I brought my face mask across and hit the red button. I looked at the power meter and saw that it was down to 50 percent. I aimed towards where the ship should have been.
     We got to the ship to find that Clance was not behind us. Where's Clance" I asked, "Oh, he probably went back to the village to get his robot" Incarno replied "Well, let's get our bikes into the refueling bay". I rode up to the side of the ship and opened the refueling bay with my key card. I pulled the jet bike next to the refueling core and hooked it up, and then I walked up to the exo suit and hooked it up as well. As I walked outside I saw Clance pulling up on his bike with the robot under his arm. "Hook up your jet bike to the core and I'll take your robot inside the ship" I offered Clance "OK, here" Clance said as he gave me the robot. I took the robot and went into the ship.
     I went straight to the bridge of the ship and placed the robot in the corner, then sat down. As I looked at the robot it looked much different. The robot was gray and it didn't have metal hinge like joints. The rest of the guys boarded the ship and took their seats. "OK Clance, take off, let's start a patrol. Make it from Crybar to Inethore". We took off and Clance turned his chair around to show off his robot. "Watch guys, first you have to state your name, then it will obey you. It scans your appearance and the tone and frequency of your voice. Watch. Clance Fox" Clance said, then the robot walked over to him and said "Voice scanned, appearance scanned, Clance Fox, Authorized" We all stared in awe. Clance continued "robot, authorize three new names, go ahead guys" I started "Xaviar Maru" the robot beeped then looked at Incarno "Incarno Edige" the robot beeped and then turned to Thryfer  "Thryfer Octaben" Thryfer said. The robot beeped then turned back to Clance "Three new names scanned and saved, next command?" the robot asked "go to the refueling bay and repair and upgrade it" Clance replied, then the robot obediently walked off.
     Just then the Vid Com Flashed on "Alpha team, are you ready for your next mission?" the leader of the counsel asked (the counsel being the supreme power everywhere, the judge and jury) "What type of mission is it?" Clance asked "Its a scouting mission, seems that there is trouble on penoah, two different races having a war, unfortunately, one race is a pacifist race, if they weren't we wouldn't intervene, you have to check out Thiebar for the pacifist's habitat" the leader of the counsel informed me "Well, thanks for the info Matra, errr, leader of the counsel, were on it" I said as I turned off the Vid Com system "To Thiebar, Clance" Clance typed a couple of commands into the console and we were ready to go. "Ready everyone? Ok Clance, Lets max this baby out" I said as we blasted into hyper drive.

Chapter 9: The Slow Times

     As we blasted through space, we all had our little projects to keep us busy. Thryfer has his electric scythe, Clance is trying to make the suit better and the jet bikes faster, Incarno is fixing his weapons and building new ones and I am working on my armor. Just then, Clance walked in with two robots behind them. "Wow, you have 2 now" I commented, "Yea, I got a great idea, I'll have these two robots, build two more robots, and so on. Soon, we'll have an army to help us out, do the math, two makes four, four makes eight, eight makes sixteen, sixteen makes thirty-two, thirty-two makes sixty-four, sixty-four makes one hundred and twenty-eight. See, in just six short factors, we have a robot army" Clance explained. "Wow, that's a darn good idea, how about we send them down to a warehouse on earth? Demand like 1000 of each part, and we'll demand a huge warehouse, say 1 mile by 2?" I suggested "I'll request it, build a Vid Com system and a reporter bot to keep track for everything" I said "Cool I'll get on it, and I'll put our next destination to earth" he replied
     "Alpha team, to earth, Alpha team to earth, hello?" I hailed earth "Hello Alpha team, how can I help you?" the screen flicked on. "Yea, we need a warehouse with Vid Com capability and a portal deck; we need 1000 of each standard robot parts. I want an easy across to each smaller room holding the parts, got that" I ordered "roger, it will be ready in 2 days, all decked up" the man replied "Alpha team out" I shut off the screen.
     I checked our status and we were almost there, just then I got an idea. "Hey Clance, come here!" I yelled "what?" Clance asked "I have a mission for your robots, we land, and have the robots send back a status report ever minute, and they collect the information and return" I said "and we keep one here to build more to go out and help, they come back, and they put all their information into a database" I said "Cool idea, I'm done everything else so might as well get the robots ready"
     We arrived at the planet, and we deployed all of the robots (it turned out that we didn't have enough robot parts, so we sent all six of them). We armed three of them with over ride systems and guns, so if they got attacked, we could override and control them. We saw the robots walk off and then we went to the bridge of our ship. Thryfer still worked on his scythe and Incarno still tweaked his guns. Clance would stay in the ship and fight if we had too, but I would have to jump in the exo suit and get out there.
     Eventually, the droids returned and the mission was successful. I sent the information over to the galactic police and they started to ship over the people. I called the warehouse and asked how close they were to being finished, and they said that they were almost done, so we headed over there. The trip, like always, was time consuming. I hit the sack a little; I haven't slept in a while.
     We arrived at Earth next to an absolutely huge warehouse. We sent in the robots right away, and found that there were also extra tools and some assembly arms to help out the robots. A soldier was standing by the door "We don't need you for anything, go back and tell the Galactic police that we arrived and that we are extremely happy with the warehouse" I told the soldier "Yes sir" said the soldier, who was easily older than me. I got a weird since of happiness from being only a teenager, and also being one of the most powerful and respected person in any army (did I mention feared?).
     When we went in, each robot was building a different robot. One robot was building a six armed assembly bot. Others were building more heavily armored warrior and sentry bots. While others still got all the technology up and running. There were only 2 counter bots, which kept constant count of everything, how many of each type of bot, and a list of parts and how many of each. We decided that everything was under control, and we would check back in, at six months, and if we needed warriors we could teleport them to the ship. Life just got a lot easier.  

Chapter 10: The News

     "Wow" I commented "that's cool, we should be using that soon enough" I joked (Note from Xaviar: Little did I know how right I was). Just then the Vid Com flashed on "Alpha team" the leader of the council seemed troubled "I have another mission for you" Matra said "Why do I have a feeling that this is not going to be fun" Clance asked, stating my exact thoughts "Ummm, yes, I do indeed have a task for you" the leader of the council said "Well, are you going to tell us? Let me guess, we have to calm down Ocktor again?" I asked "worse" Marfant sighed "Worse? What's worse than having to go under water and battling a bunch of evil octopuses and shark people?" I asked "Well, I wouldn't yank you around anymore, you have to go to X" It took a second to sink in, then I broke down "WHAT!?!?" I yelled "X!?!? Last time I went there I got my arm half ripped off and chopped in half!!". I shuddered as I thought about my last encounter on X. Flashes of blood and violence spun through my mind. "I'm sorry, but if they attack another planet, they could destroy everyone and everything" Marfant "I know" I sighed "We'll go calm them down, Alpha Team out" the screen went blank. I turned and started walking to the back of the ship "Xaviar, are you Ok?" Clance asked me "Well, are you guys coming? The training room is this way" I said, choosing not to answer him. I turned around and started walking again. The training room is top of the line. It's an antigravity room that spins, however slowly. The average speed of the outside is 15 miles per hour, but its still effective. I stepped into the room, turning on the rotate switch; the others were close behind me. I started the attack; I sank to the bottom and bounced of the ground, flying up below Clance. I pulled back my fist and I hit him in the jaw with an upper cut, hard.
     Clance flew back and hit the wall, and bounced back towards me. I floated backwards and turned to face the wall, and I grabbed onto the wall, I started spinning with the room. Thryfer jumped at me with a flying kick, but he was moving to slowly, I had already rotated 90 degrees, I jumped of the wall and tackled Thryfer into the wall. Just then, I felt a bone crushing kick to my ribs. "Ah" I yelled. I spiraled into the wall, using all my frustration and anger and I flipped off backwards, and let my legs out (as they had been tucked in to my body), I grabbed onto Thryfer's head and spun around, causing Thryfer to go uncontrollably spinning into the wall. Thryfer hit the wall and passed out. "One down" I thought. I looked over to Clance and Incarno fighting, and I realized that Clance didn't have a chance. Incarno dove down and bounced behind Clance, and delivered a powerful chop to Clance's neck, and he passed out. I saw an open opportunity so I attacked. I bounced off the wall to stay out of Incarno's sight, and then I jumped in and kneed him in the stomach. He doubled over and I spun around and kicked him in the back of the head with my heel, knocking him out instantly.
     I bounced to the exit and turned on the gravity by 15 percent, letting the others slowly drift to the ground. When they hit the ground I turned on the gravity fully, and I carried all three of my teammates to the med. room. I took Incarno's sleeve and pulled it up, exposing his arm then I pressed a metal cylinder against his vain, then I did the same for each of my other teammates. I let out a sigh and checked each of their pulses "Just as expected" I mumbled and then I got into the Rejuvenator.