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Chocobos are more than a way of traveling in FF7, they are and entirly seperate game! You can catch them, feed them, race them, and breed them. As you progress through the game, they become a very important part of getting to hidden areas and finding hidden items.

Lesson 1: Catching a Chocobo
First of all, make sure that you are past the beggining of the game (make sure you're out of Midgar). Then, make your way toward the Chocobo Farm. When you get there, go in and buy the Chocobo Lure materia from Billy the stable boy. You can find him in the barn. After you buy the materia from him, you should buy some greens too. At this point, it doesn't really matter what greens you buy. The cheapest ones will do.

Leave the farm and equip the materia. You can equip it on anybody, it doesn't matter. Just make sure someone has it equiped. After it has been equiped, walk along the footprints that you can see near the barn on the world map. You have about a 50% chance of running into a chocobo. You'll know when you run into a chocobo. The music will get funky (sounds kinda like a beach boys tune...) and you'll go into a battle with a chocobo and a few other enemies.

The first thing you should do is throw one of your greens at the chocobo. You can do this by selecting item and the selecting the greens and the selecting the chocobo. The reason that you have to throw the greens is so you can keep him occupied while you kill off the other enemies. That should keep him busy for a few seconds. Try to kill off the other enemies before he finishes his first serving. If you don't kill the enemies in time, throw out another green. That should be enough. When you kill all the enemies and the chocobo didn't run away, you'll have yourself a much faster mean of transportation and a way to finally get past the Midgar Golem!