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Tekken Review
An interesting Anime. The main idea behind this one is that your Tekken is your flesh, blood and fist, which roughly means your fighting spirit. Here's what happened, Kazuya Mishima was tossed over a cliff by his dad (Heihachi Mishima), enter Jun Kazama, the young girl near by when Kazuya was tossed over the cliff, she searched for him for days, and she held on to his pendant which has him as a baby and his mom. Jun gets new assignment (she's a police officer) to go to the worlds best fighter tournament, enter Lei Wulong, another police officer, the both go merrily off to the tournament at the Mishima compound, some illegal activity is supposable going on, splicing multiple strands together and cloning a super beast (going against the Darwin Law).

Nina, an assassin sent by Heihachi's adopted son, Lee Chao-Lan, attacks Kaz while in his apartment but after a short fight scene, Nina is hurt and Kaz is still alive. Jun and Lei head for the ship to the Mishima... fortress, and they see a tall man with a small child, trying to get onto the boat. Lee Chao-Lan has an idea, if he could beat his strong man, then he could board. A large Tae Kwon Do expert jumps off the boat (more like a palace on water) and starts a fight with the giant. The giant puts the little girl down and agrees to fight. The giant throws a punch at the TKD master, and he ducks under it and punches to the giants stomach, breaking his hand, and the giant quickly punches the TKD master into the water.

When they get there, they find several different fighters from all over the world, and Jun finds Kazuya, but she notices that his soul is blackened, he will kill his father or die trying. She attempts to bring him back with the picture in the pendant, but he swats it away and gets ready to fight her, but a thin string is thrown around his neck from the rafters. Nina is back, and even more cowardly than last time, she gives the string a good pull and a small stream of blood drips down the side of his (Kaz's) neck, and Jun dives to the side and throws the pendant, cutting the string as Kazuya pulls her to the ground. Enter Anna, Nina's sister, and the person who stole Nina's man, Lee Chao-Lan. Anna wants to kill Kazuya, as well as Nina, and Jun was in the room so she decided to want to kill her too, because she had a bazooka. After yelling some snide remarks, she blasted them out of the room, then appeared outside, ready to kill them, but some guards showed up, so everyone gets out of there, enter the next scene, the start of the tournament.

Jun decides to fight in the tournament, she wants to meet Heihachi and "settle some business", Lei thinks she's crazy and decides to leave her and head straight for the compound. He drops a rock on one from above, and kicks the other into the water, but when he starts to run into the compound, another guard with an assault rifle stops him, and starts to question. Just when the guard is about to shoot him, the giant, Jack, jumps out of the water, grabs the guards head, and throws him into the far wall, smashing his head.

Lei thanks him and asks him why he was there, and Jack replied that the little girl is sick (she runs over to him while he's speaking) and the only one who can save her is Dr. Boskonovich, a doctor that is stuck inside the compound. When inside they find sort of a cloning compound, enter Roger. Roger is a Kangaroo whose genes were spliced to make him stronger, faster and smarter. Roger bounces over to Lei, and basically beats the crap out of him until dr. B calls him off, enter the final battle.

             I'll let find out what happens on your own, it's a pretty good final battle. Also, I'd like to apologize for saying, "enter whoever", but it's tough to introduce new characters. I recommend this Anime, especially if your a fan of the game, 7 our of 10 score.