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Darkes Journal
When I write, I make sure it's never burned.
I write on money.

Is there truth behind humor, or the other way around?

Wrote a poem, you can see it here: DaRkeNesS, I started writing it and never looked back, so it will have spelling error's, its not perfect. Second order of bisness, experiment failed, turns out everyone likes my hair like this, oh well. Tribes 2 came out today, and I don't have it, that's enough anger for atleast 2 more poems.

12:00 AM
T minus 7 hours until my new experiment is underway. What fun shall insue? We'll, if its not a total bust I'll report what happned here, so stay tuned.

Hey, what's up all? Well, I got promoted in my Tribes Clan today {L^H}, that was cool, but I also had to put up with a lot of idiots, resisting the urge to just rip them to pieces, that was bad, I got to listen to Korn - Life is Peachy on my CD player on the way home, that was cool, and I formulated a new theory, so I guess today ended out cool, oh, we had a math test today, so I guess today evened out. OK, here's my theory, the universe started with a big bang, and the universe has been expanding ever sense, well, I believe that one day we will stop expanding, and start retract, eventually causing a "big squeeze" squeezing all the matter back into the same spot, causing the big bang again. Now, as you notice, this is a circular pattern, how do we know that this hasn't happened a million times before? I think that this has happened before, and that mans evolution has happened the same way each time, starting with cave man, then the middle age, now, in which we are finding out these things, and then the age after us, the one that knows that the "big squeeze" is going to happen, and they know there's nothing that they can do about it.

Wow, it's been a while, hasn't it? Well, I'm up to rank 3 in zebulun (www.cyberarmy.com) and I'm doing fairly well in tribes. I realized something today, whenever you see something new or different, your naturally scared of it, but if you allow it to become part of you, it becomes something beautiful, and that's what its like being a punk, that's the best way I can describe it. I also realized that it takes energy to be a bitchy person. I mean, this girl almost hits me in the head with her book bag, and she says "sorry --- oh wait, no I'm not" and I was about to drop kick her right there, but that wouldn't change anything. Same thing, every day, and I've become numb to it now, I really have. I guess it's just going to be another one of those games.

I found out today that I got nominated to be the "king" of the sweetheart school dance (like prom king and queen), what the hell is that? First off, I'm not even going (I'm not going to a sweetheart dance without a date) and secondly, I mean this is me were talking about, and what really kills me is that other guys are actually jealous of me that I made it on the list, literally jealous. I try and try to be antisocial, and I end up being nominated to be "king" of the dance. DAMNIT, this is going to mess up my status, when the banger posse finds out they will not be pleased. On a lighter note, I was accepted into the Lords of Honor, a clan in Tribes, yay me (w00t). Tomorrow has the possibility to suck to extreme portions, we'll have to see.

Making  several realizations today, such as ADIDAS by Korn is the best song, ever. Also I witnessed a rather interesting snow ball fight at school, the teams were comprised of one dorky kid, and the entire banger posse. The best part of the snowball fight was when the dorky kid threw a snowball, and one of the punk kids caught it. Try and do something stupid today in the hallway at school, like yell "CORN!" or "WHERE ARE MY EYES?!?" are two great examples, also go see Crouching tiger, Hidden dragon, good movie. If you yell something in the hallway that works, e-mail it to me, I'll post it.

Its been a while, but my syte is back up and running (w00t!), after a blown up NIC and troubles updating my syte, I finally am back online, with my first award (another w00t). That's all for today, my syte being back up hasn't given me time enough to be morbid, altho I was mistaken for a 10th grader twice today (I'm currently in 9th). Just letting all my faithful followers that I am back online, and I will be updating more frequently now.

Tried to call everyone Nancy today, doesn't work too well. I lost the ability to use two of the fingers on my left hand, the got jammed with a kick in karate, quite painful. Avoided yet another fight today, quite proud of myself, but tomorrow is always a question. Pain keeps you to this earth, and I thank you, pain, for keeping me one day longer. Hug count: 42.

The only ones I can stand are the Martial Artists and the inner most of the banger posse. Ever single person on the football team deserves a strong kick in the forehead, but I doubt that would even effect them. Occasionally I see a shining beam of hope, such as one kid, ever time I pass him in the hallway, his face is straight, not frowning, but far from smiling. Sometimes it takes the dorks to be hilarious, and I get a lot of my good lines from a normally dorky guy, but he's still cool. "Sweet merciful Migillacutty!". Try yelling that in a hallway without at least one person to stare at you. Yelling "BAD TOUCH!" also works, as I found out today. A wise man once said,  "FUCK IT ALL! FUCK THIS WORLD! FUCK EVERYTHING THAT YOU STAND FOR! DON'T BELONG! DON'T EXIST! DON'T GIVE A SHIT! DON'T EVER JUDGE ME!" that's the closest I could get to how I feel, expressed through the words of Slipknot. Use your Walkman as your bible, your CD as your portal, and your music like a religion.

Well, it seems that people still suck, and it doesn't seem like they're going to get any cooler. Three possible fights, three possible easy fights, but it goes against my morals, can't beat up stupid people unless they hit me. Still getting yelled at for my sarcasm, some people don't understand it, and the others are offended, I've learned to stick to the people who no longer care. Sometimes I feel like slapping all the stupid people and yelling at them "ACTUALLY THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK!" but then that would just get messy, so I'll just have to express myself through my "free hugs" sign, and I continually get persecuted, idiots. "Hey Darke, you giving out free hugs?" I could slap them all.